MBBS Batch 7 DHO Padang Terap – (DAY 2) d’ Padang Terap Team Reporting….

Monday, July 28, 2008

Today at 8.45am, we met with Mr.Azlan Hussain the PKA of HIV/AIDS division of CDC unit. He talk to us about the unit workings and also the AIDS/HIV eradication and education program especially to teens from 13-30 years old. He told us real time stories and the challenges they face in preventing and educating the people on AIDS/HIV.

He also told about the programs and the counselling sessions which they conduct at district level.

Then after the short tea break, we met Mr.Faizul, one of the PPKP of CDC unit about notification of diseases, the procedure involved and also the process of dealing diseases like dengue, thypoid, HMFD and food poisoning. He also chat with us some realtime experiences.

Tomorrow we’re joining the CDC unit again and expecting a fulfilled field work.
Till then, chiow…..

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