MBBS Batch 12 DHO Kubang Pasu – KPAS and Health Promotion

We had a talk with Mr.Yadzid on the Occupational Safety and Health. The organizational hierarcy starts with the Pegawai Kesihatan Daerah, followed by the Secretary, representatives of the Employers and Employees. As there are more than 200 employees in t.he Kubang Pasu DHO, hence it too has a unit dedicated to occupational safety and health. The function of this unit as we learnt is to help in methods contributing to safety in the working environment as well as to observe the trends of near accidents. DOSH and NIOSH are not directly related to this unit, rather it can be said that this unit is within the DOSH and NIOSH surveillance. We also learnt that KPAS is governed by one very important law, that is the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994, and oversees both the clinic and all units within the district health office. For instance, when in alliance with the Vector unit, they ensure that the staff is well equipped with PPEs so that they are well protected from any occupational hazards. Wen fogging, the handlers need to be adorned in goggles, ear muffs, coveralls, gloves, boots.. An RM50000 compound is imposed on the employer if the PPE is not provided, whereas an RM1000 compound is imposed on the employee if they refuse to use the PPE provided. There arent any statistics of accidents for Kubang Pasu, however we were shown some examples of forms used to fill for notification of accidents. And with this marked the end of our session.

Mr. Ahmad Mahmud then came in to continue with a talk on Health Promotion. Here we covered two improtant subjects, PROSTAR and DOKTOR MUDA. The public are consistently kept aware of health and its importance through exhibitions, education and talks. Exhibitions are done 4 times a month, whether by invitation or their own initiative. Talks are conducted by the emergence of new diseases or invitations by agencies. It gives a step-by-step enlightment for both the staff and public. Announcements are made in outbreak areas, health education is given on current issues such as H1N1 and dengue. Other supporting information is given via pamphlets and even moving vehicles.

Dr.Muda was first launched in 2003 in the Kubang Pasu district. In 2007, it was implemented as a co-curicular activity in primary schools. Approximately 20-30 are chosen by the school to participate in the programme. The criteria that must be fulfilled is

  1. Top students
  2. Interest given
  3. Consent of both parents
  4. Well groomed

Currently there are 23 schools in this district that are running the Dr. Muda programme. An additional 4 schools are added every year.

PROSTAR is implemented at the secondary school level, The age criteria is between 13-25years. Currently there are 20 schools in the Kubang Pasu district that are active in PROSTAR with the Mesyuarat Agong being held once every year. The membership fees is RM2 for students in Form 3 – 6. An annual fee of RM5 is charged for normal membership. There are 4 modules revolving around PROSTAR –

  1. Peer counsellor
  2. Facilitator
  3. Camp for teens who show promise
  4. Normal camp.

The next activity to be held by the DHO-PROSTAR is the rehabilitation of people with confused orientation.

By: LynAnt
Source: kubangpasu2010.wordpress.com

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