MBBS Batch 5&6 DHO Baling – VEKPRO


We reported to PPKP Rozaidi Shamsudin in the morning. He taught us on data entry and analysis regarding the outbreak investigations such as dengue, malaria, filariasis and Japanese Encephalitis.

We were introduced to the data system used by the Baling district vector control department ( Pusat Pengawalan Vektor daerah Baling). It is a unique and sophisticated system called VEKPRO, which is in short for Vector Programme.

The system consists of data registration of new cases and statistics management of all cases according to the respective years.

We also learn how cases are prioritized. For example, one reparted malaria case is considered an outbreak whereas for dengue, it is considered an outbreak only when at least 2 dengue cases have been reported within the same area within 14 days.

By Cheah Boon Eu, Source from aimstdho.blogspot.com

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