MBBS Batch 12 DHO Kubang Pasu – About

Five groups.
Five districts.
Two weeks.
One goal.

… and the goal is to exploit the given period of two weeks to its full scale with progressive active learning in order to fulfill every learning objective established for this posting.

The five Kedah districts assigned to our batch are Kuala Muda, Kota Star, Pekan Sik, Kubang Pasu, and Padang Terap. Lots were drawn between the five groups and our group has been delegated to ‘conquer’ Kubang Pasu, a district adjacent to Jitra.


Group members:

  • Lynette Sheena
  • Veena Rajendran
  • Farisha Taj
  • Sharifah Nooraziah
  • Koo Shao Chang
  • Dennis Ee
  • Ong Richai
  • Seah Chiun Hui
  • Ng Pei Ying

This blog is constructed with the sole intention of documenting our progression and endeavor in Kubang Pasu. It will be updated frequently for these two coming weeks (as of Sunday; July 4, 2010) so do watch this space!

Source: kubangpasu2010.wordpress.com

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