MBBS Batch 12 DHO Kota Star – Our Very First Day (04/07/10)

7.10am – we left sg petani

8.00am – arrived at district health office of kota star

8.20am – we reported to the person in charge at the hospital and gathered in CME (continuous medical education room)

9.15am – briefing by Dr.Mohd Hisham (district health officer), replacing Dr. Abu Malik.

  • In the briefing, Dr.Hisham give as an introduction to the posting
  • He reviewed on the learning objectives
    •  scope of family health and its importance
    • immunization schedule
    • communicable diseases (cdc) such as TB, HIV and sars
    • non communicable diseases (ncdc) such as diabetes and Hypertension.
    • Disease balance and notification of crucial cases such as dengue within 24 hours if suspected.
    • vector borne diseases, which has special unit for dengue in Malaysia.
      · We will be attached to 2 officers in charge in each unit.
  • We will be attached to 2 officers in charge in each unit.

9.45am – Break
10.45 – introduction to health infrastructure by Dr.Hisham


14 state health department (jabatan kesihatan negeri) in each state.
In Kedah we have 9 gov hospitals, 11 district health office.
In Kota Star we have 1 government hospital, 1 district health office, 9 health clinic, 1 maternal and child health clinic, and 38 clinic desa.

District Medical Officer of Health

  • Head of District Public Health Service
  • Manages health problems of the district community and takes action to increase their health level
  • Plan, oversee and coordinate all aspects of public health activities
  • Give technical and administrative orders as well as oversee jobs and activities of officers and staff in the DHO
  • Coordinate with government and private departments in health promoting activities

Medical Officer of Health

  • Plays a role as Family Medicine Specialist.
  • Responsible for all the clinical work.
  • A person who will receive and manage all complicated cases before referring it to hospital

Penyelia Jururawat

  • Also known as the Matron and is responsible to District Health Officer
  • To plan strategies which enhance the nursing practice in the development of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care
  • Management of nursing activity
  • Planning and coordinating nursing training at the district level
  • To enhance the quality of programs held in the district
  • Documentation
  • Others (Monitor midwife and traditional medicine practice)

Ketua Jururawat Kesihatan

  • Also known as the Sister and is responsible to the matron
  • Monitor APC (Annual Practice Certificate)
  • Make sure all the nurses obey the code of professional conduct and ethics
  • Make sure that the guidelines of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Protocol is prepared.
  • Management of nursing activities
  • Nursing training and quality assurance
  • Documentation

Jururawat Kesihatan

  • Also known as staff nurse and is responsible to the sister
  • Antenatal care
  • Alternative Birth Care
  • Postnatal care
  • Child care home visit
  • School health programme
  • Family planning
  • Health education
  • Expanded scope
  • Ordering of medicines and vaccines supply
  • Monitoring of staff below them
  • Nursing training and quality assurance
  • Documentation

Jururawat Masyarakat

  • Also known as community nurse.
  • They are mostly in charge of Maternal and Child Health care (MCH).
  • They are trained for health set up and work under staff nurses.
  • JM functions in managing nursing activities;
    1) Antenatal care
    2) Midwife at home
    3) Postnatal care (Mother and child)

1.00pm – end

By ~Meenu~
Source: dhokotastarb12.blogspot.com

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