MBBS Batch 12 DHO Sik – Day 8 (13/7/10) talks on health programme

Early morning, we were given talks by Mr Md. Zahid Talib, officer from health promotion unit. First, we were told the organisation of the health promotion unit and who is responsible for the whole unit. Health promotion unit work closely with all other unit like school health unit, maternal child health unit, surely the purpose is for health education.

Health promotion campaign will often be conducted by the unit in the whole district. Sometimes, they are also invited by school to give talks on health education. In case of outbreak of disease, this unit will form a small body with the villager to spread news about the outbreak and how to prevent. Most of the time, talks on danger of smoking and prevention of denggi are given as these are two of the most common happening in the district.

A program for primary school student know as ” kelab dr muda” was conducted in the district in which 20 schools are participating. A few schools refuse to participate due to unknown reasons. The purpose of this program is to give health education to primary school student. Only top student are chosen to be involved in this program as they are said to be able to handle bigger responsibilities. 2 teachers will be chosen to head the club so that all programs can be supervised by the teachers. Each year, exam on health knowledge will be given for the students to make sure that they gain from joining the club. Those that perform well in the exam will be given certificate.

Next, talk on non communicable diseases were taken by Mr Zainuddin. We were first briefted about the 4 mukim in Sik and how they cover the whole district. Stop smoking program and obesity are among the highlights of the talks. We were told the different act and law on the penalty on those caught smoking. Different amount of penalty are applicable depending on the type of severity of the offences.

Not only that, we were told how the smoking sign inside buses, taxies and premises should be displayed and the dimension for each of them. The dimensions are standart for the whole district and thus any alteration will be fined. Each individual involved must ensure that the no smoking rules are enforced. There are also no smoking clinic in Klinik Kesihatan Jeniang conducted every thursday. The purpose of the clinic is to help those that willing to stop smoking to get ride of their addiction. Nicotine replacement therapy will be given so that they will not return to smoking.

Obesity program are also conducted by calculating the BMI for all the staff working under the district health office. The purpose of this program is to ensure that all the staff lead a good life that will make them more productive in their job.

This is then followed by talks given by Mr. Asri who will talk to us on the vision and mission of the health program. We were told on the different programs available on primary care interface. We were also provided with materials on how they deals with patients of hypertension asthma and diabetes. Other than that, we were explained in details on how they respond to patients turn up on the health clinics. A maximum waiting time for each patient is 30 minutes failling which they must write a report on why they are not able to respond fast in 30 minutes.

We were also told that in order to ensure that emergency cases are attended to immediately, upon arriving in the hospital in working hour, a maximum waiting time of 1 minute is applicable. Besides, we were also informed that rehabilitation cases for patients of tuberculosis and mental health are conducted in the clinics. Before finishing the talks, Mr Asri borrow us a few books on standard operating procedure, diabetes, hypertension, caring for old folks, etc…….. for us to go thru.

By zhenghao
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