MBBS Batch 7 DHO Kuala Muda – (DAY 1) Starting Earlier Than It Is Thought and Finish Earlier Than It Is Thought

Sunday, July 27, 2008

KMDHO team here to greet you all with the morale of “it is good being earlier to work place”……

Thirteen of us reached around 7.45am rather than 8.30am as scheduled. We gathered at the lobby, a place which was so familiar to us (as we were here once this building was still functioning as SP General Hospital) by 8 am.

Gearing up with our coats and apparatus.

Doesn’t this building looks familiar to you?

Boards directing the location of the Units

Sharp at 8am while we were sitting at the waiting area in front of the X-ray department, suddenly a man around early thirties approached us with a sweet cheerful smile. He is Mr. Berhanudin (Berhan) a Health Promotion Officer a.k.a. Penolong Pegawai Promosi Kesihatan PP(PK) of Kuala Muda DHO (KMDHO). He invited us humbly to a meeting room and asked if we have taken our breakfast. He will be the coordinator for us throughout this 2 weeks DHO posting.

Mr. Berhan PP(PK)

Everyone was so eager to start the day.

Then sharp at 9 am, the respected lady incharged of the DHO, Dr. Umai Kalsom, Medical Officer of Health (MOH) or in local designation, (PKD) of KM DHO gave us a talk on the background, objectives, vision & mission, organisation chart, unit services, and highlights of the District Health Office. She was very enthusiastic in explaining to us. Every bits of her efforts was not wasted as she gave us concise information on what is the exact role of preventive and promotive medicine carrried out by DHO.

Dr. Umai Kalsom, Medical Officer of Health PKD of KM DHO

We will only highlight what is the organisation in DHO and the unit services available in this blog apart from the many more informative lectures because this will be the core knowledge for us in this DHO posting (of course we will highlight their job responsibilities in detail when we reached r
espetive department).

KMDHO consists of 4 core services:
DHO is lead by 2 persons in charged namely Medical Officer of Health a.k.a. Pegawai Kesihatan Daerah PKD (U52) and 2nd MOH PKD (U48). Under both of them is a Family Medicine Specialist (FMS) a.k.a. PPK (U48). FMS is the only special features available in Malaysia.
Under PKD and FMS, there are 4 main units:

1. Family Health Development Unit (Curative Unit)
A) Primary Health Care (Handle by PP U29, PKB R3, Attenden U1)
B) Maternal & Child Health ( JK U29, JD/PJ U17, Bidan U11, Attendan U1)
C) Lab (JTMP U29, PTMP U11)
D) Pharmacy (PF U29)
E) Nutrition (will update this fact soon)
This unit is lead by Medical Officer PP U41, Matron PJ U36, Sister KJ U32, Pharmacist PF U41, Senior Assistnat Pharmacist PFK U32.

2. Environmental Health (Preventive Unit)
A) Infectious Disease Control
B) Infectious Disease Control (Vector Borne)
C) General Health
D) Food & Quality
F) Occupational Safety & Environmental Health
G) Water Quality Control
This Unit is lead by Chief Assistant Environmental Health Officer a.k.a. Ketua Penolong Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran, KPPKP U36 and Senior Assistant Environmental Health Officer PPKPK U32. Each of the subdivisions (From A to G) consist of PPKP U29, PKAK U14, PKA U11, PKB R3, and PRA U1.

3. Health Promotion (Promotive Unit)
This unit is lead by Health Promotion Officer PP(PK) U41. The team consists of several Health
Promotion Unit JAV N17

4. Administration
A) Services
B) Finance
C) Admin

This unit is lead by Assistant Executive Officer PTK N32. Each subdivisions consist of PT (N17).
After Dr. Umai Kalsom’s lecture, we had a short break and we were briefed on Primary Health Care in KMDHO by Dr. Othman Hj. Siru who is the 2nd Medical Officer of Health PKD U48. He is a very experienced doctor in which he shared with us his experience in his Preventive and Promotive Health care.

Dr. Othman Hj. Siru who is the 2nd Medical Officer of Health

After his lecture we went back at 12.30pm as our evening lectures are posponed to tommorow.
The morale of “it is good being earlier to work place” took place when Mr. Berhan suddenly approached us sharp at 8am. Imagine if he has to wait us for another 30 minutes (perhaps > 30 minutes with ‘MALAYSIAN TIMING’) and I am sure he will have bad impression on us. Anyhow, there is no harm in going to work earlier but being late will bring death (in the context of our job responsiblity).
Guys and girls, what i wanted to keen on is “second does matter!”
That’s all for today folks. We continue our journey to KMDHO tomorrow. Have a good day!

by Gan Chye Chung Source from aimstdhob7.blogspot.com

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