MBBS Batch 7 DHO Kubang Pasu – (DAY 1) We hit the ground running.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our morning has resulted with this bit…..
Antenatal clinic

The Kubang Pasu District Health Clinic in Jitra runs its antenatal clinic from Sunday to Wednesday every week from 9.00am to 12.15pm and from 2.45pm to 4.30pm. The team runs the antenatal clinic in four examination rooms.

The objective of this clinic is to inform the expectant mother of their present health, to identify problems, provide treatment and advice about their health.

Antenatal Clinic Staff
1. Family Health Specialist.(PPK)
2. Health Medical Officer.(PP&K)
3. Health Nurse.(JK)
4. Community Nurse.(JN)
5. Trained Midwife.(BT)
6. Nursing Assistant.(PJ)
7. Lab Technician.(JTMP)
8. Assistant Lab Technician.(PTMP)
9. Health Attendant.(AK)

General Procedure in Antenatal Clinic
1. Perform Lab Test.
2. Perform Physical and Abdominal Examination.
3. If there is a Problem, Refer to Medical Officer.
4. Counseling and Treatment.
5. Give Appointment Date.
6. Record.
7. End.

Antenatal Clinic Examination Procedure Sequence
1. Check the antenatal card.
2. Count the gestational period.
3. Interview expectant mother regarding her past and present health as well as her nutrition and diet.
4. Preparation for examination.
5. Examine the patient from head to toe:
6. Abdominal Inspection:
7. Abdominal Palpation:
8. Inform and discuss findings with the mother.

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