MBBS Batch 12 DHO Sik – The Fellowship of Group 3 MBBS Batch 12

Welcome to Sik DHO posting by group 3 MBBS Batch 12.

Our group members are :
Leader: Loh Zheng Hao
1- Dennis Hung
2- Fidelia Roberts
3- Lim Jun Sian
4- Palaniappan
5- Ramvinder Singh
6- Sujesthra Rao
7- Tharshinii
8- Victor Lye

Keep in touch in sharing the DHO information among the other 4 groups in 4 separated districts which are Kubang Pasu, Kuala Muda, Kota Setar and Padang Terap, respectively. Thanks.

From clock-wise: S.Pala, Fidelia, Tharshinii, Chuan way, Ram, Jun Sian, Sujes, Dennis Hung, Zheng Hao

By Jun Sian
Source: mbbs12sik.blogspot.com

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