MBBS Batch 12 DHO Sik – Day 6 -(11/7/10)- Water sampling

Every week water sampling will be done twice as informed by the officer, Mr Izzuddin. Every week they will check out one district.During the whole process they will assess the water quality before, during,and after processing.

For every water sampling they will have 2 parameter,one for unprocessed water and the other for processed water.Whenever4 the job is being carried out,they will bring 4 portable devices to the sampling site,which respectively testing for pH,TDS,conductivity and chlorine.

From left: Device to test for level of pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorine

Mr Izzuddin demonstrating how to test for turbidity.

For those chemicals parameter and microbiological profile which cannot be assessed on the spot,they will send a few samples of the water to the lab and the results will come out within 24 hours.To preserve the water sample,they will put the water in a tube filled with nitric acid.

After that, we were given a talk on how they prosecute those caught smoking under age, smoking in area not permitted and producing fake ingredients on pack food. Later we were taken to the court where the officer in charge told us how they normally prosecute those involved and how the charges are read to them, all the court proceeding were explained to us in detailed as no mistake should be made in court.

The main entrance of mahkamah majistret Sik

By Dennis Hung
Source: mbbs12sik.blogspot.com

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