MBBS Batch 12 DHO Kuala Muda – Day 6: 11th of July: KMAM (Kawalan Mutu Air Minum)

Went to Loji Pembersihan Air Pinang Tunggal in the morning. We had a short briefing by Mr. Haji Norazri, the operating manager of this water treatment plant. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the plant itself and look at the process of water treatment because of some technical error. (This water treatment plant has just been privatized, and is currently under SADA, Syarikat Air Darul Aman).

Had another briefing by Mr. Kamaruddin from KMAM regarding water sampling technique.
( Will include the details asap)

The bag used for raw water (also used for testing bacteria) – WHIRL bag

Testing for bacteria, use Thio bag with a piece of ascorbic acid in it, like this.

I forgot what is the function of the Ascorbic acid in it, shall find out and edit this post! SORRY!

The various devices used for water testing, i.e. turbidity, Chlorine content, and pH.

The turbidimeter, used to check the turbidity of the water.

The pH meter which also checks the temperature of the water (note top right corner)

The 7 bottles used for water sampling, all with names and various purposes.

The blowlamp used to burn the end of the water tap after water sampling.

WWe also learnt about the case notification of TB and how the reporting system works. The forms that are filled up include, 10 C-1, 10C-2, 10A-3, 10A-4.

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