MBBS Batch 12 DHO Kubang Pasu – BAKAS

We have some interesting outings. We went to a few kampung (rural area) with the BAKAS unit staff. There, we’ve shown the

  1. Sistem Pelupusan Pepejal. A few methods is shown. I’m sorry to say but koo’s having the picture.It’s quite hard to explain by words.Hopefully, others might get a chance to see them too…
  2. Sistem Perlimbahan. The water from the kitchen and bathroom are filtered in a small box like area built outside the house. the the water after filtered will be transfer to a Cement built ‘reservoir’/ Koh/ Pembentong/ Gelung semen. (not sure how to translate- abv is all the names that is used to describe the same thing). Here, the water is absorbed down to the earth.
  3. Perigi Terkawal/ Controlled Well. It is used in rural areas without water supply from JBA. It’s actually a well that get their source from the earth. 5 houses will be sharing 1 well. It’s easy to operate and saves water.

That’s all for today. Again we still haven’t got our timetable……. And finishes around 12.30pm.

By: Richai
Source: kubangpasu2010.wordpress.com

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