MBBS Batch 12 DHO Padang Terap – Day 8 – BAKAS

Life is unpredictable! When you feel your life is bountiful, something will just come over you and and draw a fine line on your prince or princess diary. And a small flaw causes a big sense of alienation. As we thought we’ll have a nice day visit here and there for water sampling, anti gravity fall, etc via BAKAS, everything just ruined up with a word – BUSY! Duh, work is still priority after all, and PPKPK Mohd Zin had promise to compensate that tomorrow, so just tilt our head and flex our facial muscles!

We did water sampling at 3 places, which were Kampung Saujana, Durian Burung and Pedu.

The album above showed some of water sampling test on Chloride, Nitrates, etc.

Air Bawah Tanah 80m by Kementerian Kesihatan and the right pic showed how they sterilized the pail by burning the cotton swab with spirit.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Direct Reading Spectrophotometer

Conductivity and Dissolved Solute meter

pH meter

Coliform test(result in 24 hrs time)

Fluoride Test with reagent

Cleaned the apparatus with distilled water.

Guess you’ll never know the water that come and go easily by twisting a hose involved such complicated procedures to make sure it’s save for drinking purpose. So, water is our life, do not waste it!


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