MBBS Batch 12 DHO Kota Star – Day 2- Family Health

Arrived at KK Kota Setar at 8.15am. We were briefed by Matron and Sister Salmah regarding maternal and child health. She then showed us around the maternal and child clinic and also provided us with the records and registries that were used in this department.

After much explanation on the topic it was almost reaching the peak of hunger for all of us. Sister Salmah then granted us a lunch break till 2.30pm. We were lucky enough because the foodcourt was just beside the area.:)

We resumed at 2.30pm back to CME room and was welcomed warmly by Mr.Yong, Senior Assistant MO. He has been serving the government for alomst 35 years. A very friendly gentleman with lots of knowledge. He was sharing some of his personal experiences with us. He then continued the evening session with a talk on Child Health and Elderly Service. We were then briefed on the screening done for the adolescent, adult and geriatric.

After that, the session was continued by Sister Salmah again on the schedule for tomorrow where we were told to meet up at KK Simpang Kuala to observe the activities that are carried out for the home of children with special needs. It is a new place for all of us since none of us are familiar with the roads in Alor Setar..:(…Despite that,we are anxious to get there as soon as possible..!

After a tiring day, we were finally done for the day..YAHOOOOO!

We happily grabbed our car keys and headed back to SP…:p

Till then sayonara!!!!!

*vrshni and mami*
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