MBBS Batch 12 DHO Sik – Day 5 (8/7/10)– Dirty work continues…

Today the Pejabat Kesihatan continues their dirty work but this time the victims are not the makan shop,but rather those small kedai runcit in Sik.Today they are going from shops to shops just to see if any of their food products have expired or without label and carry out the punishment according to their offence.

If the food products sold have exceeded their expiry date,then the officers will confiscate these products without any compound.If the seal of the products are broken,then they will seend one sample back to their lab for investigation,if the microbiology test turns out to be positive,then the health officers have the rights to bring the owner of the shop to court =_=

Apart from this offence,if the food products that they sell have incomplete labelling such as those without address of the factory,or those without stating the ingredients,then again the officers will also confiscate those products…however this time will have some mercy as it is so obvious this is not the shop’s fault,the officers will write a special receipt which the shop owner can claim the money from the supplier,and also the supplier is required to see the officers to clear off their guild.

Today one of the shops was robbed(err..,i mean confiscated) of the tea and coffee powder due to the absence of address on their labels.At the same time we bump into the other group which claim that the officer which they are following also confiscated a lot of stuff from many shops.What a pity…

1st Shop to ‘visit’.
Mr. Asri (PKPP) looked at the expired date of canned food.

Third Shop

Tea Flour without labelling – no nutrition Information, no Ingredients Information.

Tea Flour Without Expired date, nutritional information, ingredients information

” I have sealing… I have Sealing”, edited from the song of “Sailing”

Sealed Tea Flour With Labelling

Form – List of the seized by court order under Food Act 1983 Section 4.1.f

A. Form – Agreement of the Food to be courted
B. Form – Notice of the food to be courted under Food Act 1983

By Dennis Hung
Source: mbbs12sik.blogspot.com

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