MBBS Batch 12 DHO Padang Terap – Day 5 – Food Quality Control

Finally, we’ve reached the halve of DHO posting. All I could say – time flies. The morning sun seems to be more blazing than ever, as we’ll be able to get back to our lovely hostel in the evening! Cheers~

As the initial plan was to attend KPAS posting today, but the person in charge was in emergency operation, thus PPKPK Mohd Zin Mohd Yasan arranged us into Food Quality Control posting.

We were lucky as there were operation today known as OKSS VII for PKD Padang Terap.

5 teams from PKD Langkawi, PKD Pendang, PKD Kota Star, PKD Yan, and PKD Kubang Pasu joined this operation known as Operasi Kedah Sihat Sejahtera(OKSS) VII. Besides, this operation gained cooperation from Majlis Daerah Padang Terap & Polis Di Raja Malaysia as well. The main objective was to enforce and empower Akta Makanan 1983, Akta Pemusnahan Serangga Pembawa Penyakit 1975 and Peraturan-peraturan Kawalan Hasil Tembakau 2004.

We were not allowed to follow the operation in the beginning as it involved court matters. However, Dr. Aishah discussed with PPKPK Mohd Zin, PPKP Pergas a/l Retnam, PPKP Mohd Shukri Bin Hussin, and came out with a twisted result. Thanks to Dr. Aishah for helping us. Then, we went into the discussion room, and everyone sitting there were PPKPK and PPKP from other districts. The serious and formal atmosphere chilled us.

After the discussion, we were warned to stay away when the operation took place to avoid ourselves from court matters. No discussion, No comment, No camera! That’s what we’ve been told!

After that, we followed their cars from behind to the planned destination. We’ve observed that all the officers were holding a map, which marked all restaurants and hawker stalls they were going to check. However, many restaurants and hawker stalls were closed. Why? hehe… Think about it yourself! You know, I know!

Finally, there was a restaurant opened at the roadside. Honestly, the condition was so bad, the brick wall was not painted, no proper kitchen, sandy floor, full of flies, etc. We were told to stay away while the operation took place, so we just stand beside the restaurant while observe the whole process. After 15 minutes, the officer came to us and explain what they had done just now. There was an evaluation form for them to tick and comment. The evaluation included various perspectives, environment, food handling, water supply, sewage system, etc. If the marks lower than 75%, then it will be closed for 2 weeks, for the owner to improve the condition and reopen after permission gained from the authority. They will be fine as well. While the officer was explaining to us, the others were photographing the restaurants.

Then, we went to another restaurant at Kota Star. It was a bigger restaurant. Not much problem was there. But they’ve been given a warning notice for advertising a coffee dealer – RADIX. After that, we back to PKD Padang Terap, and listened to their report for the operation.

Here’s the review of the whole OKSS VII :

AM1983 – 34 premises checked, 29 restaurants closed, spot check gained RM1132.40, 8 samples taken.

APSPP 1975 – 16 premises checked, 8 compounds, 7 notices

PKHT 2004 – 5 compound worth RM1500

Lastly, the most important event of the day……HOME!!!


Padang Terap Group

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