MBBS Batch 12 DHO Padang Terap – Day 3 – Maternal and Child Health II

Springtime – a season for rebirth and new beginnings. For some, it’s a chance to turn over a new leaf; for others, it’s a surprise of seeing something bloom. But for yours truly, it’s a reminder that on reality, everything old can be new again. Just like handling of food, we might doing it repeatedly everyday, but you will never know if you’ve done it right or wrong!

This morning, we went to Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Nerang as usual and was planned to visit the school for vaccine injection. Unfortunately, there were changed of plan due to some issue and eventually Sister Faridah decided to talk about food handling, as the antenatal clinic was opened today, and they had prepared the teaching in Bilik Demo Masakan for mothers. Besides, we also went into the clinic, 2 person in one time, to observe and perform antenatal clinical examination in front of the Doctor.

We’ve learnt a lot such as how to choose fresh vegetables, fruits & fishes ; what’s the proper way of cleaning and cooking without excessive lost of nutrients and etc. It sounded like, well, that’s just the icing on the cake. But, try to rack your brain a little, we were still too new on the scene, and not top shelf all the way. There are still lots for us to learn from nurses before we can have the world on a string and give advice to our patient on nutrition and how to handle the food properly. I believe in the coming days, it will be hard to snare some wunderkind like Sister Faridah on conveying such talk.

After that, we had discussion regarding vaccine and immunisation with Sister, mainly about HPV vaccine and H1N1 vaccine. According to Sister, HPV vaccine will be available in Kuala Nerang within this month, and injection will be free of charge for all Form 1 student or 13 years old for non-schooling adolescent. It’s not a compulsory vaccination, consent by parents/guardian needed prior to injection.

Next, we went to the Makmal(laboratory). That’s the most interesting part of the day as all of us were allowed to do Rapid HIV Test among ourselves. Fortunately, all of us were HIV negative!

The lab personnel was explaining how to operate the haemogram device for antenatal blood test.

Sister was demonstrating how to collect blood from baby’s heel for serum bilirubin level by using micro haematocrit tube.

We were practicing the way to use micro haematocrit tube and then the collected samples were centrifuged to separate the serum and haematocrit. Finally, inserted the micro haematocrit tube into the cartridge, where two “windows” were serum, and analysed it to obtain serum bilirubin level.

Next, Sister showed us the kit to test for HIV, known as Rapid HIV Test Kit. We were lucky that the sister allowed us to perform it for our colleagues. The kit came with an indicator, pipette, lancet, alcohol prep pad & dilution. There were 4 alphabets on the indicator, C=control ; T=test ; S=sample ; D=dilution.

Since first day, everyday seems to be a new day to us. Honestly, you missed a lot when you were gone!


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