MBBS Batch 13 at Kampung Nelayan Day 1 – 7 June 2010

by Ong Han Yi

From its very inception on 7 June 2010, Batch 13 has begun the journey on community medicine, which demands medical knowledge, acumen, leadership, professional ethics, and cooperation from each of the members. Well, it also marks the beginning of delightful outing in Kampung Nelayan which requires the holiday mood to appreciate the beauty of the fisherman village.

We have started the morning with self-introduction and batch mates’ description on their strength, weakness, and hobbies. This helped us to know each other better and to realize that communication is important in building up a good relationship. No more ‘known-strangers’ in our class!

After briefing on community diagnosis and methods of survey, we were requested to develop questionnaires for general and specific surveys as the basis for case presentation and the health promotion campaign. It seems to be difficult in the beginning as the saying goes “success in the eyes of the world will not come overnight”.

However, “When there is a dream, reality cannot be far away”, let us show commitment and enthusiasm to work on our dream and to make it one of the most memorable and enjoyable experience in our lives.

May our dream come true! Yeah!

Source: aimstbatch13.blogspot.com

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