MBBS Batch 13 at Kampung Nelayan Day 2 – 8 June 2010

by Gomaladevi Rajaram

On day two, from 8 am until 10am two classes were conducted. First class was conducted by, Dato Dr. Hasnah on “Vaccine Preventable Diseases (Immunization) and MCH”. The second class was conducted by Dr. Lely on “Family Planning”. Both the lectures were very informative and interesting. After the class, the next agenda was forming groups of six with ten members each. Then we moved on to form the committee.

The committee:

Chairman -Ng Chong Sian
Deputy -Leong Chi Mun
Secretary -Ravivarma Rao
Liaison -Kishean
Photographer -Kenny Lim
Security -Navinder Singh
Treasurers -Tan Chai Yih , Poobalan
Inventory -Joe Lau, Manjit Singh
Entertainment -Hemalatha Jotey
IT( Epi Info Programmer) – Choo Kher Wooi

Once done with forming the committee, our chairman and secretary discussed about the general survey. They gave some ideas and asked us to come out with six components of the general survey. We successfully formed the six topics.
The topics are:

  1. Maternal and Child Health (MCH)
  2. Social status
  3. Economic status
  4. Chronic diseases
  5. Acute diseases
  6. Health services

Then the group discussions started. These group discussions were continuing until 12pm with the guidance of all community medicine lectures. After lunch, at 1pm we continued our group discussion. At 2pm Dr. Sawri Rajan gave a lecture on Water supply, Environmental Sanitation & Nutrition. Around 3pm, we continued with the group discussion. By 5pm all the groups had come out with the questionnaires with the help of the internet and textbooks. At the same time, we sent a draft of the questionnaire to Dr. Kay to be reviewed.

After all the discussions, our chairman requested us to summit the questionnaires tomorrow by 2pm. He also briefed us on tomorrow’s agenda. Finally, our treasurer explained about the funds that need to be collected and with that, the discussion came to end around 5.30pm.

Source: aimstbatch13.blogspot.com

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