MBBS Batch 13 at Kampung Nelayan Day 4 – 10 June 2010

by Mohanajothi Samasuvam

Day 4 started as usual with only one third of the class present around 8.15am. This brings Prof KAN to remind the students regarding discipline and punctuality. It is an important point to be noted and taken into consideration by all of us.Like what a famous psychologist said “mental attitude is more important than mental capacity.” Later in the morning, chairman addresses the floor regarding the agenda of the day and seeks cooperation from all of the members. The day continued by presentation of questionnaires by 3 groups. The condition gets heated u p with lots of debate going on between the lecturers and students. In simple terms, a “mini parliament” took place in SR2 during presentations.

At the end of the day both parties came to a conclusion which is regarded best for the study overall. All 6 groups continued preparing questionnaires for their specific research. After a hot discussion and completing the questionnaire for general survey, the condition was cooled down by Miss Hemalatha Jotey. It is all about show time! Lots of exciting presentations and games are being planned for the farewell party at Kampung Nelayan which many eagerly waited for.

Finally the Epi Info Team is formed by 2 representatives from each group and led by Choo Kher Wooi. At the end of the day, all groups handed over their general questionnaire in Epi Info for compilation work to be done.

Good work done people! Keep the spirit up and hope all of us work together as a batch in making this posting a big success!

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